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Early 2021, TRW 93 Sports Production Sdn Bhd is formed by taking over ORBTEX PLT (which has been established since 2016), as sports apparel manufacturer and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) dealer meeting the demands of local markets.

Our products range include sports apparels for football, rugby, e-games, basketball, paintball, cycling and equipment related to these sports. We also provide customized merchandise for non-sport related clients (private/government agencies and companies) such as corporate formal/informal attire and uniforms.

Designing, printing, heat press process, cutting, sewing, packaging and all other production processes are handled by our own inhouse department. We are fully in control of the quality and production of our products in order to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

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Years Of Experience

Customization of sportswear is different from the local existent in terms of design to apparel cutting. That the main factor that attracted international sports brands to do OEM with us. We built our own brand, ORB, to specifically cater the paintball sports market sue to the acking of paintball apparels related local brands. The complicated cutting and usage of many types of high-quality materials attracted well-known brand from United Kingdom to do OEM with us to cater the South East Asia market. Due to our commitment and progress, we are ahead of another overseas brand. Currently we also in talk with a number of other brands to provide many ranges of customized apparels. We also own 93 Sports to cater the football sports market and Pixeleo for e-sports games market.

Other than OEM and focusing on growing our brand, we are also in collaboration with Football Clubs, Rugby association and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) on running online business platforms for them to ensure this business is sustainable all the time and at the same time collaborating to the market their products.

Best fit. Best quality. Best model.

TRW 93 Sports is known to produce the best line of sportswear be it jerseys, shoes and more!

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ZAMBURGER selaku penaja utama pasukan Kelantan FC bagi musim 2021. Norizam atau lebih dikenali Zamsaham selaku pengurus syarikat tersebut dan pemilik pasukan TRW Kelantan FC menaruh harapan tinggi untuk meraih kejuaraan bagi musim 2021.

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